Vitis creates more jobs for locals

Thursday October 9th

THE fastest growing company in Papua New Guinea, Vitis Industries limited has created 420 employment opportunities for Papua New Guineans in its shortest history. Vitis Industries limited Managing Director, Dr Sergey Mossin, says the company is committed to create more jobs for ordinary Papua New Guineans as business starts to flourish.

As a local manufacturing company in beverages, coffee and alcohol business there will be more employment opportunities provided for school leavers coming out from higher learning institutions, schools and even pulling off youths from streets to be employed and be a better person in life.

Vitis Industries limited’s approach in doing business falls in line with National Government’s vision and mission of poverty alleviation in terms of creating employment opportunities for increasing school leavers.

According to Dr Mossin, he ensures that his 420 staff’s welfare and working conditions are better managed and are better paid according to the type of job they do in the company.

For a company to succeed in any business, staff’s have to be properly compensated for their efforts in the development of the business and profit enjoyed by the directors has to trickle down to the staffs of any organization. That is the sentiments shared by Dr Mossin, in an interview.

Workers at Vitis Industries are privileged the management have come up with the idea over the years to provide free lunch for staffs on daily basis. Not only had the provision of lunch, however, the company also imported two big jumbos from China to transport workers every day both mornings in the afternoon.

Director Dr Sergy Mossin, stated that he operates with the motto of “I look after my staff and my staff look after me,”. He said it is a two way thing in business.

Staffs at Vitis Industries are proud and privileged to work in such an organization with well paid jobs and have many other incentives during Christmas and independent celebration.

The company has its community relation programs such as donating to hospitals, sponsoring of churches and bigger events such as recently K10,000 sponsorship of the 2014 Hiri Moale Festival. Vitis Industries is not just producer of alcohol producsts famous coffee punch and warrior dark rum.

Vitis Industries also produces, assorted Mossin Fresh soft drinks, water, coffee for normal consumption comes in bottles and packets.

Another biggest product the company is now keen to venture into is large scale production of noni juice for healthy life style. Vitis Industries is also a manufacturer of VIGISANG DRY Green Sanitation toilet system. And finally has its promotional weekly newspaper which is circulated nationwide, THE PEOPLE’S NOTICEBOARD NEWSPAPER.