VITIS Industries showcase at food expo

Wednesday October 8thVITIS Industries was for the first time invited by BNG trading to be part of its food expo which held was recently held at Port Moresby’s Crown Plaza.

Visiting delegates representing various distributors to BNG Trading were amazed to discover various manufactured products that the company produces from local farm and other agriculture products.

The general public in Papua New Guinea and abroad know very well Vitis Industries is the major producer of most popular product coffee punch and warrior dark rum. However, it was in this food expo they have identified that the company also produces other products such as, noni and aloe vera juice.

Vitis is also manufacturer of the VIGISANG Green Sanitation System that are very beneficial and environmental friendly for the people in the settlements and rural villages. Definitely the expo that was held for a day was educational for the public on what the company is doing.