​Vitis Sinaugoro netball is on

Monday September 29th

CAPTIONS/ Vitis Sinaugoro Netball competition action between Saroa village and team Gamunomu from Babaga village. Saroa were too strong defeating Babaga, 25-12.

VITIS Industries limited is the proud sponsor of the newly formed Sinaugoro Netball Association Competition that will run for three months in Gomore village in Rigo, Central Province.

The competition was officially launched recently, at Gomore village, by major sponsor, Vitis Industries, Papua New Guinea Netball Federation President, Juliuan Maliaki, and Rigo Coast LLG President, Wari Vele.

Vitis Industries ltd Director, Mrs Vikki Mossin, was proud to sponsor the competition, stating before her very own local company can move out to sponsor any other events and competition at the national scale, she has to start from her own backyard.

Being a business woman from her very own Sinaugoro tribe, she highlighted there very serious issues affecting Sinaugoro woman and girls in the area. Introduction of the netball competition is one way of bringing together all the members and younger generation of Sinaugoro together to socialize and share ideas and establish strong ties.

She also pointed out that, girls and young woman from Sinaugoro, can make it into representing their, district of Rigo, Central Province, and national team, the PNG Pepes team.

She added that netball was one of the old sports in the Sinaugoro area, however it has died out over the last 15 to 20 years, because there are no proper organized competition.

Vitis has seen fit to sponsor for this year a total of K20,000. But her company will be continuing to sponsor the event for the next four years to identify young budding netball talents in Sinaugoro villages of, Imuty, Kwikila, Giroea, Saroa, Babaga, Kwalimurubu, Kemaea, Gobuia, Girabu and Gomore.

Rigo Coast LLG President, Wari James Vele, pledged K25,000 for the competition and Rigo Central President Fred Silona, also pledged K10,000.

PNG Netball Federation President, Julian Maliaki, urged the officials and athletes to participate in the true spirit of sports and set thei goals and push to achieve their goals,

Mrs Maliaki, commended Mrs Vikki Mossin, and her company Vitis Industries ltd for such a sporting fest at the rural level, it is a great gesture to support rural talent.