Vitis Construction


In 2011, Vitis Industries expanded to include opportunities in construction, sanitation and property development. It employed Chinese born Phillip Zhu who is responsible for all construction activities at 9 Mile, Sogeri Road. This includes managing a team of 50 workers including six Chinese Engineers. Phillip has project managed various buildings and roads for Vitis Construction including production warehouses, accommodation buildings, a water treatment plant, and a three-story shopping mall at Gerehu, Papua New Guinea. For more details on our construction business, contact us here


As part of moving to our new location we where faced with sanitation problems. Waste collection needed to be efficient and cost effective on the new plant location away from town supply. To solve this problem, Sergey spent months developing and prototyping composting toilets with a unique turbine design. The design has gone on from prototype to sample to production and now is in the market. At a third of the price of other competitor toilets and with a unique turbine design, it is a product that has huge potential. More information and a website to come on the composting toilets very soon.

Property Development

​Vitis Industries has been developing property over the last few years. Past properties have included... Currently in planning and consent stages is a new development 45mins from Port Moresby that will be one of the most unique in PNG for expats and travellers. It looks to include 8 high-rises apartment buildings, a shopping mall, tennis courts, gym, cinema and more. This is an exciting new venture which will be recognised around the world.